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Leee John’s ever-popular group, Imagination, catapulted Leee to international recognition and fame in the early ‘80s with the major hit, “Just An Illusion”, which was recently sampled by Mariah Carey as part of a duet with rapper Nelly for her multi-platinum 2005 album, “The Emancipation Of Mimi.”

But for all that he’s achieved in a career notable for its consistency and longevity, Leee is most proud of his much-anticipated, soul/jazz solo debut, “Feel My Soul,” released on Candid Records.

Leee’s acting credits include roles in “Dr. Who,” “The Chinese Detective” and “Stepping Out,” and has appeared in the musical “The Hot Mikado,” performed in Tahiti.  He starred in “Reborn In The USA” which took him from coast-to-coast in America on sold-out shows in major U.S. cities.

The recipient of numerous silver, gold and platinum discs, and a Diamond Award, Leee’s list of career accomplishments includes performances for Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, dinner at the home of Nelson Mandela, and a rare “Soul Train” appearance in which he sang to the legendary Marvin Gaye.

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  • Best International Adult Contemporary Female Artist (Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards, Canada, 2007).
  • Honorable mention, Billboard World Song Contest (USA, 2007).
  • Winner and laureate of National and International contests in vocals, songwriting and literature (1996-2007).

Solomia is a singer/songwriter, who composes both lyrics and music for her songs. She combines classical vocals with modern musical styles (pop, blues, rock/alternative, folk), creating a unique, intriguing, and alluring sound.

Early in her childhood, Solomia was a soloist of the National TV and Radio Choir of Ukraine. At the age of 13, Solomia represented Ukraine for the international vocal festival in Bulgaria, performing a song she wrote, “No War.” Her song, “Make Your Step” has been the theme song of the Ukrainian beauty contest. In 2004, her song, “A Funambulist,” became one of the key songs of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. Her songs have received national and international airplay for almost ten years.

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Forged in the storied Wicker Park section of Chicago by vocalist Juliette Tworsey and guitarist Jules Shapiro, Fire Bug began cutting their musical teeth in and around local Chicago venues before making their way out to Los Angeles.

The band has received high praise from various publications such as Time Out NY and LA Weekly. The Fire Bug sound has been compared to that of a new millennium version of 70’s rock, with each song being stamped with their own unique signature.

Juliette’s voice is quirky yet distinct. Her vocals are a well-trained combination of high and low, slow and fast. Delicately gentle one moment and fiercely aggressive the next.  Jules plays a guitar evocative of the Delta Blues with occasionally bizarre chord progressions and a touch of hard rock thrown in for good measure.

Taken independently, there are songs in the band’s repertoire, which could be classified as indie, blues, and even psychedelic.

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Talent, beauty and intrigue come in many forms. But you can find all three in the compelling voice of this pop/r&b singer from Minneapolis.

Breanna fronts the Los Angeles-based band, Mischief.


He’s the seven-pound star sapphire you find hidden among the boulders in your backyard. The lost Picasso someone’s trying to unload at a garage sale. The rare coin jingling among the change in your pocket.

John Andrew was signed by the illustrious Bruce Lundvall at Capitol Records. Capitol released his first self-titled album, produced by John Andrew, John Boylan and Jerry Crutchfield, to much critical acclaim. It included his original full-length version of “Planet Texas”, still a staple at “Texas Rebel Radio”.

The music community continues to herald his unique sound and style. Jim Fogelsong, a Lifetime Achievement Grammy winner, commented: “John Andrew Parks’ influence will be felt for decades to come.”

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Initially a solo act, Danish/Swedish Anine Bing is now the lead singer for the band, Kill Your Darlings, a Scandinavian act that she put together. She gathered two like minded migrated vagabond Swedes Lars Jansson and Pelle Hillstrom in Los Angeles in late 2008 to be a part of her journey. One night of exchanging stories/visions/tales transformed into a collection of songs and a sound over the next few months that was defined by the name “Kill Your Darlings”.

Anine’s sultry and honest voice soon gathered interest and led to collaborators with industry legends like Anders Bagge in Sweden, Guy Chambers in the UK, Eric Bazilian in the USA to work on even more material. Marc Jameson came in to produce what will become the act’s debut album.

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Marya Roxx writes her own songs, and has just recorded her album at the Document Room in Malibu with world famous producer Kevin “Caveman” Shirley (Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Him, etc.) with amazing musicians Paul Crook (MEAT LOAF, ex-ANTHRAX, SEBASTIAN BACH) on guitar, Scott Metaxas (ex-NUCLEAR ASSAULT) on bass, Derek Sherinian (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ex-DREAM THEATER) on keyboards and Brian Tichy (ex-OZZY OSBOURNE, SLASH’S SNAKEPIT, GILBY CLARKE, PRIDE & GLORY) on drums.

Marya is an amazing singer/songwriter who wants to rock the world.  With her new songs & powerful performance, she is ready to prove that rock ‘n’ roll is not dead!

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We need a revolution!  So believes N-Euro, the superartist from Estonia.

N-Euro’s hit song “Lover On The Line” is a high-gloss, high-energy, infectious dance-pop, suitable for clubgoing, gym-going, or just getting down in the privacy of your home.  His material bears the hallmark of all great dance music:  Once you hear an N-Euro song, you’re never likely to forget that you did. N-Euro makes a striking visual impression, too. He possesses one of the wildest hairdos in pop history:  A spiky, gelled-up starburst that makes his head resemble a lethal weapon.  His earrings, designer shades, copious jewelry, and stylish threads all announce his presence with authority, but his most vital accessory is his impish smile.  N-Euro has a great, self-deprecating sense of humor — and character radiates from every gesture he makes.  His quirky approachability has helped him become a darling of the European dance-music underground.  And now,

America beckons. He’s already shown he can reach international audiences:  “Noise”, his irresistible lead single, became an under-the-radar smash in discos around the globe.  But “Lover On The Line” is the track that’s going to throw the world open for N-Euro.  It’s an irresistible dance-floor stomp, filled with huge beats, glittering synths, and a magnetic performance by the producer-vocalist.  It’s already been released throughout the EU, and it’s hit the European dance-download charts; this ear-worm has even infected South Africa.  In late autumn, “Lover On The Line” hit #1 on Viva’s “club rotation” list – and ever since, thousands of Europeans have been unable to dislodge the mantra-like refrain from their heads.

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It was 1994 when Erik and 4 other Eastern European guys started to make music that ruled the rock scene…and still does.  Their 1994 release is a rare rock gem. Quality rock never dies – it evolves into a better and more vital life form…quality rock for discerning rock fans.

The House Of Games current material is innovative, sometimes aggressive, sometimes melodic and mood driven – but always powerful rock, custom built to captivate audiences with their energy and quality-soaked music.

The members are dedicated, talented songwriters, writing about innovative subjects & determined to create a sound of their own. Their passion is apparent in lyrical content and physical presence, making the stage more a battery of good energy than a traditional place of simple playing and casual song.

They have shared the stage with Paradise Lost, Skunk Ananise, Jethro Tull, Faith No More and THE RASMUS, on their 2005 European tour. In spring last year, House Of Games was recording songs with word-famous producer Kevin (Caveman) Shirley at Bennett Studios.

House Of Games’ New York City mini-tour included legendary rock clubs as CBGB, Don Hill’s and Knitting Factory.

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Channel Two is Terence Yoshiaki & Andreas Bingel.

Terence Yoshiaki was a founding member & drummer of the multi-platinum recording artists, The Black Eyed Peas, and helped to define a groundbreaking sound and vision for the group. Yoshiaki also co-penned the Grammy winning Top 10 hit single, “Let’s Get It Started”, which earned him a 2004 Grammy nomination.

Andreas Bingel, a singing artist who writes, plays and produces his own music, started his music career with the Ich-Zwerg project in 1995, later signed to Mercury Records (Germany) in 1998-2001 releasing an EP, and album and two singles with videos being played on MTV and Viva (Germany). Since then, he’s started the Deja-Move/Downbeat projects in 2001, simmered the industry with the album, Sunday (5000 Records) out of London, and also released a number of songs worldwide through compilations on labels such as Sony Music (Germany), Wagram (France), Universal (France) and many international imprints.

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