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Internet Marketing & Promotion

4 Entertainment provides a full range of online marketing & promotion support for all types of music and entertainment projects.  We provide promotional activities to complement and enhance our client’s online presence, and integrate with the client’s offline marketing efforts as needed.

Example Of Online Promotional Checklist (Music)

We will work with artists, managers, and labels to coordinate our promotional activities with their own online presence & efforts, and integrate with the client’s offline promotional efforts as needed.

We provide an extensive online presence for artists and their music, getting the word out to key sites that target music consumers and fans.  Below are our areas of focus.  (For clarification, example targets are listed).

Content Placement & Promotion

  • Social websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • Band sites
  • Music portals
  • Video portals
  • Demographic-targeted sites
  • Terrestrial radio network sites
  • Webcasters – Major
  • Webcasters – Medium/Small
  • Music-oriented press releases
  • Magazine Interviews, Features, Reviews
  • Reciprocal Links to appropriate sites
  • Test label initiatives and distribution
  • Confirm data accuracy – informational sites
  • P2P promotional

Website Presence & Merchandising

  • Social website setup
  • Digital distribution
  • Fan Merchandise
  • CD stores
  • Ringtones, wallpaper

Paid Marketing & Targeted Advertising (additional costs may be involved)

  • Banner, video ads, search engine mktg
  • Band website development & hosting
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Press release servicing
  • E-card marketing, newsletters